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Porcelain, ivory, steel.


I always listen to The Strokes when I walk anywhere so I feel like I’m in my own private indie movie.


On the Bayou Pt. 2

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Mule buck details.

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"Queen of Kings" Editorial - Moustache Magazine

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I think it’s awful how all these celebrities have had their privacy violated with this massive leak of nudes. I’m certainly not going to share any of the photos but I am going to keep those J Law nudes for myself. For science of course.

mythology meme:  [1/9] deities

↳ Freyja

Freyja (Old Norse for ‘Lady’) is the goddess of love, beauty, fertility, magic, and war. She rides a chariot pulled by two cats and owns both the mythical necklace Brísingamen and a cloak made of falcon feathers.

She and her twin brother Freyr are part of the Vanir, a group of gods associated with nature and magic. In the Prose Edda, Freyr and Freyja are referred to as the most glorious of all the gods and goddesses. 

Freyja is married to a god named Óðr and has two daughters with him, who are called Hnoss and Gersemi; her dwelling is called Fólkvangr and since she’s one of the Valkyries, her halls host half of those who die in battle.

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Kristen McMenamy in "Far, Far From Land" by Tim Walker for W December 2013/January 2014